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"Legal knowledge applied thoughtlessly tears down, but legal knowledge applied with compassion and caring builds up."Attorney Catherine Conner

Who We Are

Although many people may have the same legal problem as you, your situation is still unique. That is because your life circumstances are unique to you, and a one-size legal solution rarely fits anyone.

At the law firm of Conner, Lawrence & Rodney, LLP, we understand that. Since our founding in 1983, we have been listening closely to clients like you, hearing their concerns and identifying their objectives.

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How We Will Work With You

As your legal partner, we will use our deep legal knowledge and broad experience to provide you with all the factual and legal information as it applies to your case.

We will then recommend a solution or solutions that we think will address your concerns and help you meet your objectives, both for the short and long term. But in the end, as our client, it is your decision.

Our Practice

Our practice encompasses both family law and estate law, specifically divorce and estate planning. Through the years, we have found that collaborative practice and mediation are productive and cost-effective legal tools, particularly in divorce cases.

The Fees For Our Work

When you call us, you will talk — at no cost — with a well-trained paralegal who will gather the information we need to determine if we can help you. If we can, we will set up your initial consultation with one of our attorneys.

We understand that legal services can be expensive. But we promise we will do all we can to keep our costs down while still providing you with quality representation.

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If you are considering divorce or need an estate plan, call the lawyers at Conner, Lawrence & Rodney, LLP, a law firm in Santa Rosa, California. You may contact us either online or by calling 800-580-9113.